Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Flags trade sticks for trays Thursday

Tomorrow evening, members of the Port Huron Flags will work as celebrity servers at the Huron Athletic Club in downtown Port Huron , waiting on the restaurant’s customers and Flags fans.

Forwards Mike Olynyk, Bobby Kukulka and Bobby McKillop, as well as defensemen Shayne Tomlinson and John Doherty, will work with a HAC server to ensure that they are taking care of all patrons during the dinner rush. Customers will have the opportunity to collect autographs and receive tickets from their servers.

The Flags shift starts at 6 p.m. and ends at 8 p.m., giving the hockey players plenty of time to wait on all interested parties. This is not the first venture into the food service industry for the Flags, who recently spent an evening at the Fogcutter restaurant, handing out dinners during the Annual Chefs Showcase fundraiser event.

Thursday’s appearance is the first of four hosted at the HAC. Following the game against Bloomington on Saturday, Feb. 17, the entire team will head to the HAC for a post-game meal and autograph session with fans. On March 14 and 21, team members will act as guest bartenders, passing out commemorative Flags shot glasses, after they host the Muskegon Fury on both nights.

The HAC is located at 319 Huron Ave. , just two doors down from the Flags office, at the corner of Huron and McMorran Blvd.


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