Tuesday, May 08, 2007

K-Zoo's Lawmaster, Karlander suspended by UHL

The United Hockey League announced Monday that two Kalamazoo Wings players, Jason Lawmaster and Kory Karlander, have been suspended for their actions during Saturday’s Game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals of the Colonial Cup playoffs against the Muskegon Fury.

Lawmaster was involved in an on-ice cross checking incident as well as an off-ice incident.

“Mr. Lawmaster’s actions will not be tolerated or condoned by the UHL, and due to his actions, he is receiving a 15-game suspension. His on-ice cross check to his opponents’ head along with his off-ice conduct was deplorable,” stated UHL president/CEO Richard Brosal. “We will not accept this type of behavior from our players.”

Karlander was on the receiving end of an unfortunate situation while on the ice. A spectator in the LC Walker Arena found it necessary to throw a golf ball on the ice in the direction of Karlander at which time he caught the golf ball and tossed it back into the crowd.

“Although we can’t penalize the fan who inexcusably threw the golf ball on the ice, we do have to discipline the player for his actions. I want to stress that Kory Karlander’s demeanor along with his reputation in the hockey world is very good. His actions were one of reacting, and at no time do I feel were made with any malice or thought of striking anyone with the golf ball,” said Brosal. “Mr. Karlander is suspended for two games at a very critical time in the playoffs.”

Lawmaster’s suspension began with Game 6 on Monday. Karlander also missed that game and also will be ineligible to play Game 7 scheduled for Wednesday.

“The league stands by these decisions due to the actions of the players and hopes that this sends a strong message to the league about unacceptable conduct,” Brosal added. “In addition, one of these incidents was instigated by irresponsible fan behavior. The fans must also take responsibility for their actions and stay within the bounds of appropriate conduct while enjoying exciting UHL action.”


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