Monday, October 22, 2007

Kalamazoo announces pooch promotion

The Kalamazoo Wings have announced a new partnership for its “Hockey Pup of the Game” promotion.

Over the past three seasons, the K-Wings have helped find a home for over 120 dogs in southwest Michigan. For the second straight season, the K-Wings will be calling on the SPCA of Southwest Michigan to lend a hand and continue the miraculous efforts of eliminating pet homelessness. Also helping with the efforts will be PetsMart.

The SPCA of Southwest Michigan will bring one lucky dog to each of the Kalamazoo home games to participate in the K-Wings promotion. The dog gets to meet and interact with the fans and find a new family.

Founded in early 2002, the SPCA of Southwest Michigan is a not-for-profit animal welfare community that is bringing leadership and results to the problem of pet homelessness in the area. Its mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and find loving homes for the forgotten pets in southwest Michigan pounds by saving adoptable pets and making families complete. For more information about the SPCA, log onto

The title sponsor of the K-Wings “Hockey Pup of the Game” promotion will be PetsMart. Located at 5200 W Main St in Kalamazoo, PetsMart is one of the nation’s largest pet stores and is a huge supporter of the SPCA of Southwest Michigan.


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